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PDF-to-Word is a program to convert Adobe PDF documents into Microsoft Word format with minimum loss of formatting
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7 April 2014

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This tool converts PDF contents to Word format documents.

This tool can convert PDF documents to Word documents. Ever since usage of PDF documents in business communication has increased, most organizations have to handle a large amount of these documents. One big problem with the usage of PDFs is that it needs an expensive set of tools to edit these documents. In general, these are quite expensive for most people. That has given rise to an indirect process to handle the edits. The PDFs are converted to Word, which is easy to edit and most users are familiar with that process. This particular software is aimed at doing these conversions. Another set of solutions are available in the market, which can easily convert the edited documents back to PDFs. This particular tool is a standalone solution for turning PDFs to Word and do not need any other program to be present to get the job done.

The conversion process is nondestructive. It does not affect the quality of the source or the layout of it and the various elements such as images/graphics or text. Command line support is available to make the process automatic, time saving and capable of being scheduled. This tool is capable of extracting paragraph alignment information so that layout could be left intact. Images and graphics primitives can be derived. The tool is able to recognize table. That would help reconstructing of tables. Preserve text flow and maintain original format are two optimization modes available. Conversion setting can be saved into profiles for reuse. The tool does not have optical character recognition capabilities. Book marks are not converted. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

PDF-to-Word is a program to convert Adobe PDF documents into Microsoft Word format with minimum loss of formatting information preserving layout and graphics. Intelligent algorithm of parsing PDF provides high speed of the conversion process. Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion process.
(1) Extract paragraph alignment information;
(2) Convert images and most of PDF drawing primitives;
(3) Recognize tables;
(4) Adobe Acrobat or Reader is NOT required;
(5) Option to convert individual pages;
(6) Two optimization modes: preserve text flow or original format;
(7) Command line support;
(8) Store conversion settings into profile;
(9) Easy-to-use wizard-style interface;
(10) Full install/uninstall support;
(11) Unlimited 24/7 support service;
(12) 1-year subscription for updates
Version 4.1
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